Residential Home Elevator in Utah


With various manufacturers equipment to choose from, we offer lots of options to our clients. All are high quality, hand crafted to meet your needs. Options include, the type of drive system, where the machine room is located, number and location of door openings, colors and materials, cab size, capacity, and much more. Our intent is for you to be totally satisfied with the quality of the equipment and the craftsmanship of the installation.

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Commercial Elevator in Utah


LULA Elevators (Limited Use Limited Access) are the middle ground between residential elevators and full blown commercial elevators. By code, the residential elevators are not allowed to be installed in commercial applications. However, in some buildings, where an elevator really won’t get used very much, it is hard to justify the expense of a larger commercial type elevator. So the code writers have allowed a morphing of the two types. A LULA is basically a residential elevator with most of the bells and whistles and safety features of the commercial elevator and is a cost-effective solution to ADA-compliant accessibility.

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